At Dreamworks Dental Laboratory we provide Dental Support program

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Also, at Dreamworks Dental Laboratory we provide Dental Support program to design and construct dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, veneers and implant cases. Includes instruction in dental materials, impressions, cosmetic cases such as veneers, bonding and assembly techniques.

In addition to that, Dreamworks Dental Laboratory is proud to let you know about a unique hands-on continuing education program for making dentists more successful. It allows Dreamworks Dental Laboratory to be strongly committed to advanced training and continuing education in both the technical and clinical areas of dentistry.

Our partnerships with several prominent educators, especially Dr.Sol Weiss, Dr. Edward Gelfand have assisted our clients and technicians to routinely elevate their skills and techniques. Our relationship with various manufacturers and leading lecturers, who provide additional hands-on instruction in our state-of-the-art facility, also allows us to specialize in each of the products we produce for unparalleled results.


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we are working with most of them. We are using e.Max-digital milled-for crowns and veneers; Zirconia-BruxZir-digital milled; Zirconia-Zesthetic-digital milled; Lava ultimate-digital milled; Feldspatic porcelain-digital milled-for veneers only-Vita, 3m; Temporary crown – digital milled (no monomer) and many others.