Custom Stain Service

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Custom Stain Service

Toronto Dental Lab

Custom Stain For All Shades

DreamWorks Dental Laboratory offers a professional, comfortable environment for your patients who require custom shading or staining. Our certified dental technicians recognize that not everybody has the same shade on their teeth. We do not believe in providing shading that is “close” – we have the technology and expertise to ensure that it is just right. No matter how unusual a shade is, we can help.

Your Patients Are Our Patients

At DreamWorks Dental Laboratory, we treat your patients like our own. We are committed to ensuring that they are given top quality treatment and an end product that is a perfect fit for them. They will avoid the embarrassment, awkwardness and expense that often go hand-in-hand with the wrong shade. Instead, they will feel confident and well taken care of.

Quality Service From The Best Professionals

DreamWorks Dental Laboratory is staffed with dental technicians who are among the best in the industry. As specialists in dental ceramics, they know how to detect and avoid potential problems long before the patient is in the chair. With close attention to detail, they will take your patient’s shade and talk to them about clinical options and any unusual circumstances that may be present. Returning patients who are visiting us for a shade adjustment can get custom staining services while they wait.

Call us today to find out about the state-of-the-art technology that is available to you and your patients.