At Dreamworks Dental Laboratory we provide the highest quality to Toronto Dentists at competitive prices. Our aim is to achieve perfect results for you and your patients.

Milling Machine In The House

Roland offers dental milling equipment that is unsurpassed in its precision engineering and quality. Our products are result of over twenty years of ongoing design…


Custom Stain Service

Toronto Dental Lab Custom Stain For All Shades DreamWorks Dental Laboratory offers a professional, comfortable environment for your patients who require custom shading or staining.…


Dental Laboratory Toronto

Dreamworks Dental Laboratory is a dental lab in Toronto that is dedicated to providing dental professionals with the highest quality dental products at a competitive price. Dental professionals face greater challenges than ever at being competitive and providing patients with the highest quality services and products. When patient satisfaction is your primary goal, the laboratory you rely on for laboratory services couldn’t be more important. Our primary goal is to achieve the best possible results for you and the patients you rely on to make your practice successful. Our dental laboratory is located in a state-of-the-art facility where we apply the most technologically advanced techniques into providing products that will give you the results that you and your patients want to achieve. Prosthetic Services At Dreamworks, we understand that every patient is unique. The type of prosthesis needed to replace missing teeth or to give a more attractive appearance will depend on the individual. For more than twenty-five years, we have been providing dentists with the highest quality of prosthetic services and the support needed to make patients feel good about their smile again. Through the development of crowns, bridges, and implants, patients can restore their bite and stop feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth or the ones that are missing. Custom Stain Services The differences in patients extend to the color of their teeth. Even a subtle difference in the shade of an implant can bring unwanted attention and make it look as though it doesn’t belong. The dental technicians at Dreamworks Dental Lab are specialists in dental ceramics who offer custom stain services to prevent the differences in shade that can make the difference in whether a dental prosthetic achieves the goal of looking perfectly natural. We never settle for “almost a match” but instead put our skills to use at achieving the perfect final result. No other dental lab in Toronto will provide you with higher quality services for every step of the process from selection of materials to final cementation. You can count on us to treat your patients the way that you treat them; with the best in dental products and customer service with